Importance of Hydraulic Jacks, Toe Jacks etc.

Importance of Hydraulic Jacks, Toe Jacks, Mini Cranes Other Machine Moving Skates

If your company or business involves the lifting or movement of heavy materials, equipment and machines, discover the
efficiency of lifting tools and equipment. While these make the work easier, your company completes the job in less time, hence increasing returns on investment.

Hydraulic jack

These are mechanical devices for lifting heavy objects and they range in size and weight. All hydraulic jacks have a screw thread and utilize hydraulic power for lifting. The car jack is perhaps the most common type of hydraulic jacks. For example, a jackscrew is a powered implement used to raise or lower cars automatically. A series of house jacks is used for uprooting houses from their foundations for purposes of relocation, repair or maintenance. Other types of hydraulic jacks are floor jack, bottle jack, pneumatic jack, farm jack and strand jack among others. When using these, ensure the equipment sits on a flat surface and that the point on the object being lifted is stable.

Hydraulic toe jacks

Hydraulic toe jacks are usually made of heavy-duty components to withstand high pressure from lifting heavy objects. These equipment can be used for a number of lifting purposes in industries, factories and households. You can lift objects with high clearances just as effectively as lifting low-clearance objects. For this reason, hydraulic toe jacks are common in shipyards, house moving, bridge building and construction sites. Most hydraulic toe jacks come with an overload protection valve that senses when you surpass its recommended lifting weight. The cylinders and bases are electrically welded to eliminate the likelihood of fluid leakage. This also increases the efficiency.

Mini crane

Just as the name suggests, mini cranes are implements that allow you to hoist materials over a given height. These are especially useful in building and construction, loading and rigging industries. Just like large cranes, mini cranes have wire chains, hoist ropes, sheaves and jibs. You can buy or hire, mini cranes depending on the job you want to do. For example, they come with specific specifications of speed, working radius and total width.
Machine moving skates These mechanical equipment are used by manufacturing and transportation companies to move heavy loads on the surface of the floor. They are fitted with steel roller tracks or nylon/polyurethane wheels. For this reason, machine moving skates are ideal for use in general workshop movement functions. While most machine-moving skates are manually operated by pushing or pulling, you can attach a fork truck or a tug to pull the loads.